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The Steam Summer Sale

Wow, I really need to update my blog more….. it also seems that my posts are getting shorter.

Don’t worry readers, I have a big update in the pipes for my war gaming section so stay tuned.

If that does not float your boat, Valve, in an effort to control all male breeding in the free world, are currently having the annual Steam summer sale.

Aside from many old favourites at a fraction of the cost, some big indie titles/bundles are getting a chance to shine. So don’t miss out.

Also, this sale will be used as an excuse for my slow pace/lack of future posts.


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Found this Gem

At the beginning of the year a great little indie game called Magicka was released.

And people liked it, they liked it a lot.

Several download content updates later, Paradox interactive are now releasing a new update which allows PVP mode.

For more info on this great game go here :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magicka

Also, here is the preview video of said PVP update, lets watch:


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